telemon in hepatology: A successful clinical study monitoring hepatological patients.

The utilization of telemedicine in many areas of hepatology has been showing promising effects on access, healthcare quality, and cost-effectiveness. Our team is thrilled to share the results of clinical study monitoring hepatological patients.

Partnering with the esteemed Slovak University of Technology we launched “TELMED,” a pilot project dedicated to providing high-quality tertiary care for patients with advanced chronic liver diseases.

The project enrolled 28 patients, aged 26–70, who were registered in the cirrhosis registry RH7 (NCT04767945). Equipped with essential monitoring devices and bolstered by continuous technical support, these patients were monitored on whole duration of the project, they had on-call technical support.

The application of telemonitoring revealed a potential benefits, including shorter hospital stays, reduced readmission rates, and enhanced evaluation for liver transplant candidates. These findings underscore the transformative potential of telemedicine in hepatology care, bridging the gap between quality, cost, and effectiveness of treatment.

We believe that telemedicine is not just the future—it is the present. By harnessing the power of technology, we aim to redefine the standards of care and usher in a new era of patient-centric healthcare.

Join us in our mission to achieve better health through better monitoring. Together, we can shape a future where access to high-quality healthcare knows no bounds.