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Track your vital signs and manage chronic conditions with the simple, quick and affordable telemon app

For patients

Monitor vitals every day from the comfort of your home

I am Patient

For providers

Improve Efficiency, Health Management, and Revenue

I am Provider

Affordable solution for remote health management and patient care

Use with smart medical device

From different brands and track your vitals automatically

Manage any chronic disease

Сreate or adjust a personalized care plan for any chronic condition

All patient information is in one easy-to-use app

Monitor your vitals, set reminders for your diet, when to take medications, and more.


Monitoring saves life

According to studies, monitoring chronic health conditions through a telemedicine service can reduce mortality by up to 56 %

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Monitor important health conditions

Take control of your health

Post Covid-19
Postoperative care at home
Cardiovascular disease
Diabetes mellitus
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Metabolic syndrome
Customizable for any other chronic condition

What people say about telemon

MD. Jozef Lacka PhD., MBA

‘’We can see how the patient is getting on, how their health condition is being developed, and we monitor its progress. Moreover, telemon shows us how well the patient takes care of themselves. We have the proofs that regular measurements of vital functions help to improve the parameters of patient`s conditions. It is a kind of materialisation of treatment efforts for both parties.’’

MD. Viliam Cibik PhD.

‘’Telemon gives us more data on the patient`s condition, as well as a more detailed view of their health state. A patient will be more under control, even though their visits to clinics will be limited. The available data lead to a more effective and even more successful correction of treatment.’’

MD. Jozef Lacka PhD., MBA

‘’Telemedicine should become a standard part of chronical disease treatment. Another benefit it brings about is the aggregation of data in one place. We have more data on clients that one would ever be able to collect during an ambulatory care. We can see clear trends. We can make better decisions and really tailor the treatment.’’

MD. Rastislav Zanovit

‘’Telemedicine could help us decrease the number of hospitalisations as well as many doctor visits to patients. A doctor can react more promptly and set up timely treatment so that the patient`s condition is not addressed the moment when they are already decompensated.’’

MD. Viliam Cibik PhD.

‘’Some patients were worried how they would cope with this new method. However, they perceive telemedicine as an interesting novelty. Most patients are pleased and grateful. ’’

MD. Rastislav Zanovit

‘’In our rural region, accessibility to hospitals and doctors is very poor. There is a lack of qualified doctors. Measurements are carried out by a nurse and a doctor does not need to be around. A doctor functions only as “a software” who makes a conclusion. Doctors can evaluate the results and set up treatment remotely.’’