Monitoring saves lives – how its possible?


Monitoring saves lives – how its possible?

Let’s take a closer look at our patient- Ian, a 36-year-old man battling cirrhosis.

After all examinations, Ian found himself on the waiting list for a liver transplantation. Like many patients in his situation, Ian needed to be closely monitored to ensure there were no flare-ups or infections before the surgery. Fortunately, Ian’s risk profile made him an ideal candidate for remote monitoring using telemon.

Upon enrollment in the telemon program, Ian received a comprehensive set of medical devices and a mobile phone with preinstalled telemon app. With the guidance of our support center, Ian completed basic training on how to operate the software and devices. This empowered him to monitor his vitals regularly from the comfort of his home, reducing the need for frequent visits to the clinic.

During monitoring, telemon automatically sent alerts to Ian’s healthcare providers regarding any critical values detected. This real-time data collection and analysis proved to be invaluable in Ian’s case.

At the end of December, Ian had a single episode of fever.
Usually, fever points to active infection, and it’s a contraindication for liver transplantation. Ian’s medical team was able to closely monitor his condition over the following days and luckily there were no clinical signs of infection. Several days later, a liver transplant became available for Ian.

In this case, thanks to telemon, doctors were able to distinguish between a coincidental fever episode and uncontrolled infection.
Had Ian missed that liver transplantation, the waiting time for a new one is uncertain and potentially life-threatening.

Now, with a new liver Ian has a new lifw ahead.
By enabling remote monitoring and early detection of health issues, telemon improves the quality of care for patients like Ian.

Choose life and choose telemon!