Get started your telemon


Creating Your Telemon Account

Welcome to telemon!

Follow these simple steps to create your account and get started with personalized health management:

- Download and Install Telemon: Visit your app store and install telemon on your device.
- Create Your Account: Open the telemon app and tap on ``Create Account.`` Enter your email address and set a password for your account. Make sure to confirm your email address. If you prefer, you can also use your social media accounts to log in. Forgot your password? No worries! You can easily reset it by using the reset button.
- Fill in Your Profile Information: Provide accurate and precise information when filling out your basic profile details. This information will help us tailor your initial care plan settings to your specific needs.
- Select Your Main Condition: Carefully choose your main health condition from the provided options. If you have any additional health concerns, you can select them from the list. These inputs are crucial for setting up an accurate vital monitoring plan automatically.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your telemon account. Now, you're ready to log in to the telemon personal app for the first time and start your journey towards improved health and well-being!


Check and Update Your Initial Settings

Once you've created your telemon account, it's time to review and adjust your initial settings to ensure everything is personalized to your preferences and needs.

- Accessing App Settings: Tap on the ``More`` section within the app to access all app settings. Here, you can add your photo and update basic profile information. Please note that you cannot change your weight and height once it's been set during the initial app setup. If you wish to modify this data, you'll need to create a new user profile with a new email.
- Customizing System Units: You have the option to customize the system units according to your preference. Switch between metric and imperial units based on your convenience.
- Adjusting Critical Limits and Thresholds: Critical limits and thresholds are predefined within the app. You can adjust these limits for alerts at any time, based on your doctor’s instructions and your personal health conditions. This feature allows vital signs to be displayed on the graph using green, red, or yellow colors, indicating measurements that exceed the defined limits.
- Accessing Additional Information: Explore the app settings to find important information about the Terms and Conditions, Privacy of your data, and app information. You'll also find a link to the telemon personal community's Facebook page (where patients, healthcare professionals, and the telemon support team can connect).


Manage Your Measurement and Activities Plan

Once your initial settings are in place, it's time to manage your measurement and activities plan to ensure you're on track with your health goals.

- Automated Vitals Monitoring Plan: Based on your initial setup (profile, your specified health conditions) and based on medical best practice, the app will pre-set up a vitals monitoring plan for you. The calendar outlining your regular vitals' measurements and indicating the frequency of each measurement serves as the foundation of the plan.
- Customizing Your Plan: In the plan section, you can create new mesurement plan or delete it. You can add additional occurrences or plan activities to your weekly calendar, such as medication reminders, activities, and healthy eating habits.
- Setting Medication Reminders: Easily set up medication reminders within the app to receive notifications and reminders on your phone. This ensures you never miss a dose and stay on track with your treatment plan.
- Managing Plan Notifications: You can remove or adjust the reminders as needed, or delete the entire plan if you wish to stop receiving notifications altogether.


How to Set Up Device Pairing

Ensure seamless pairing of your medical device with the telemon app by following these simple steps:

- Adding a Medical Device:
On the Home screen navigate to the ``Start Measuring`` section or access the ``Devices`` section from the ``More`` menu.
Choose a category and review the list of FDA-verified and supported medical devices. Each device has a link to the online store, where you can find detailed technical and vendor information. If you don't have a smart medical device, you can purchase one from the website or explore other preferred shopping options. Additionally, you may visit a pharmacy close to your home.
- Reading Vendor Instructions: Once you receive the device, carefully read all vendor instructions to learn how to pair it with smartphone and how to perform a valid measurement. You may also choose to install the vendor's native mobile app for additional guidance directly from the medical device producer.
- Pairing Your Device: Now you are ready to pair your new device with the telemon app. Click pair and follow the on-screen instructions. These instructions summarize the essential steps provided by the vendor for device pairing. If you encounter any issues during the pairing process, refer to the vendor's manual or reach out to us for further assistance.
- Manual Entry Option: Even if pairing isn't successful, you can manually input your measurements into the app to ensure you stay on track with your measurement plan. Alternatively, you can use your FDA-approved device without Bluetooth connectivity and manually enter the displayed data into the telemon app.
- Flexible Device Management: You can easily pair or unpair devices at your convenience (add newly purchased devices as they arrive). Pairing connectable smart medical device can save your time and increase data accuracy, as data will be gathered automatically.


How to Take Measurements

Record your vital signs using telemon app:

- Initiating Measurement: Begin your measurement directly from the phone reminder or by clicking on the ``Let's Measure`` (Green Cross) icon in the upper right corner of the app. Select the appropriate category, choose the paired device, and proceed to the next step.
- Following In-App Instructions provided within the app. The measurement process is the same as in the vendor's instructions.
- Automatic Data Transmission: Once the measurement is complete, data are automatically transmitted from the medical device to the telemon app. Confirm and save the data.
Remember, telemon neither deletes nor manipulates with data stored in the medical device. Telemon gathers data from the last successful record on the medical device and copies it into your telemon app.
- Visualizing Measurement Data: Stored data are visualized using green, yellow, and red indicators according to defined critical limits. You can see your data in both the Home and Measurement sections of the app.


Measurement Plan and Tracking Other Activities

Expand your health history and track additional activities with telemon:

- Adding Custom Records: Record additional types of health data directly from the app reminder or by clicking on the ``Let's Measure`` (Green Cross) icon in the upper right corner of the app. Choose ``Custom Measure,`` select the type, and fill in all necessary fields, especially the description.
- Adjust Date and Time of the recorded data and hit the save button.
- Data Visualization: Stored data are visualized in the Measurement section for further review by your Doctor or Relatives (if you choose to share your data)


Reviewing Data

Unlock valuable insights from your health data with telemon:

- Predefined Vital Sign Ranges: Initially the app is prepopulated with vital sign ranges based on WHO standards. These standards are based on your initial inputs provided during the first login, including gender, age, weight, and health conditions. You or your practitioner can adjust predefined data limits, called as Critical Values, in the ``More`` section and ``App Settings``.
- Visualizing Measurement Trends: In the Home section, you can view visualizations of measurement trends for each vital sign category. These trends are depicted using green, yellow, and red colors. The colors are applied immediately upon measurement and will not be impacted by a new critical range definitions. You can click on any circle in the graph to view the exact measurement value.
- Viewing Last Measured Data: In the Measurement section, you can view the last measured data for each category to stay updated on your health status. Click on any field in the Measurement section to access the records list, and click on any record for detailed information.


How to Share Data with Your Doctor or Care Person

Share your health data with your healthcare provider or trusted care person:

- Adding Contacts: Navigate to the ``More`` menu and choose the ``Emergency Contacts`` section to add individuals who can assist you in managing your health, such as your practitioner or relative.
- Initiating Data Sharing: Click the green cross icon in the upper right corner to initiate the data sharing form. Enter the email of the person you wish to add. Please, pay attention to the email as it will be used for sending an invitation to access the telemon application.
- Granting Access: To grant access to your health data, toggle the slider to ``Give access``. If you wish to revoke access, simply toggle the slider to the negative side. To delete a contact from your list, use the red ``Delete Contact`` link below the save button.


Set Up Alerts

Stay informed with automatic alerts. Telemon personal provides 2 types of automatic alerts: in case of critical measurements or missed planned measures.

- Defining Emergency Contacts: Begin by defining the contacts who will receive notifications from the system in case of critical measurements or missed planned measures. Navigate to the ``More`` menu, choose the ``Emergency Contact`` section and click the green cross icon in the upper right corner to add contact. The email provided will be used for alert delivery and as a login name for the telemon personal app for the care contact.
- Enabling Alerts: To set up an appropriate alert, go to the ``More`` menu and choose ``Alerts`` section. Choose the alert type you wish to enable, add emergency contacts from your contacts list, and click the save button. If you're satisfied with the defined group, toggle the ``Set Alarm`` switch to ON. All contacts will be notified by email if the alert occurs.
- Managing Alerts: You can turn the alarm OFF or change the group contacts members at any time. Here, you can also find a shortcut link to adjust critical values. More types of alerts will be added to telemon personal in the future.


Care Person Step In (Doctor, Relative, Nurse...)

- Granting Access: If your email has been added to telemon personal by another user, you'll gain access as a Care Person (doctor, relative, nurse). Care Person login grants free access to the telemon personal application, allowing you to monitor users and access their data through the application's Home, Measurements, and Plans sections. Care person is not allowed to track their own Measurements or create Plans, and also there is no possibility to create or modify observations records.
- Adjusting Plans and Values: As a Care Person, you can adjust measurement and activities plans, and also modify critical values for linked users. All actions taken by doctors are logged in the system for audit purposes.
- Accessing Telemon Personal: Care persons can log into telemon personal using the mobile application downloaded from the app store or by logging in through the Portal at:
- Microsoft Teams Integration: Utilize the free Microsoft Teams application called telemon for Care Person available in Microsoft Teams Apps. This application facilitates remote video consultation calls by providing access to user data and all telemon personal functionalities.