Care Coordination/Home Telehealth: The Systematic Implementation of Health Informatics, Home Telehealth, and Disease Management to Support the Care of Veteran Patients with Chronic Conditions

Partners/ AuthorsAdam Darkins, Patricia Ryan, Rita Kobb, Linda Foster, Ellen Edmonson, Bonnie Wakefield, and Anne E. Lancaster
Start & end date2003-2007
FocusBetween July 2003 and December 2007, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) introduced a national home telehealth program, Care Coordination/Home Telehealth (CCHT). Its purpose was to coordinate the care of veteran patients with chronic conditions and avoid their unnecessary admission to long-term institutional care.
OutcomeRoutine analysis of data obtained for quality and performance purposes from a cohort of 17,025 CCHT patients shows the benefits of a 25% reduction in numbers of bed days of care, 19% reduction in numbers of hospital admissions, and mean satisfaction score rating of 86% after enrolment into the program. Disease-specific data include: • Diabetes: 20.4% decrease in utilisation of traditional NIC services; • CHF: 25.9% decrease in utilisation of traditional NIC services • COPD: 20.7% decrease in utilisation of traditional NIC services