Implementation of a multisite, interdisciplinary remote patient monitoring program for ambulatory management of patients with COVID-19

Partners/ AuthorsJordan D. Coffey, Laura A. Christopherson, Amy E. Glasgow, Kristina K. Pearson, Julie K. Brown, Shelby R. Gathje, Lindsey R. Sangaralingham, Eva M. Carmona Porquera, Abinash Virk, Robert Orenstein, Leigh L. Speicher, Dennis M. Bierle, Ravindra Ganesh, Debra L. Cox, R. Nicole Blegen & Tufia C. Haddad
Start & end date2021
FocusMayo Clinic leveraged and rapidly scaled mature telehealth and virtual care services in response to the pandemic in support of patients with serious and complex conditions. Additionally, new services with existing products were developed to support the clinical management of patients with acute COVID-19. One such example was the utilization of the existing remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology with its operational infrastructure and clinical resources.
OutcomeThe analysis of data from 7,074 patients across 41 states reported that its two-tiered RPM program with nursing support was safe, effective and led to positive outcomes, including: High patient-engagement levels - 78.9%; Low hospitalization rates - emergency department visit and hospitalization were 11.4% and 9.4%, respectively; Low 30-day mortality rates - 0.4%.