Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a telemedicine programme for preventing unplanned hospitalisations of older adults living in nursing homes: the GERONTACCESS cluster randomized clinical trial

Partners/ AuthorsCaroline Gayot, Cécile Laubarie-Mouret, Kevin Zarca, Maroua Mimouni, Noelle Cardinaud, Sandrine Luce, Isabelle Tovena, Isabelle Durand-Zaleski, Marie-Laure Laroche, Pierre-Marie Preux and Achille Tchalla
Start & end date2022
FocusThe GERONTACCESS trial evaluated the utility and cost-effectiveness of a gerontological telemedicine (TLM) programme for preventing unplanned hospitalisation of residents living in nursing homes (NHs) in regions lacking medical facilities and/or qualified medical providers (“medical deserts”).
OutcomeOf the 426 randomised participants, 23.4% in the intervention group and 32.5% in the control group experienced unplanned hospitalisation. Each avoided hospitalisation in the intervention group saved $US 3,846. In terms of health insurance costs, the average total in the intervention group was $US 1,900 ± 3,040 and $US 2,250 ± 3,450 in the control group.